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Does Facebook still deserve an ‘A’ for accounting?  (Grumpy Old Accountants)

The Facebook IPO reminds us that…Wall Street was never on the side of the little guy(WSJ earlier Abnormal Returns)

Mark Zuckerberg was ill-served by the ‘adults’ working for him.  (Term Sheet)

The likely upshot of Facebook ($FB) is changes in how analysts at underwriters conduct themselves.  (Deal Journal)

Morgan Stanley ($MS) and Nasdaq OMX ($NDAQ) are paying the price for the botched Facebook IPO.  (Deal Journal, Money Game)


Europe can’t seem to find a path forward.  (Tim Duy)

Germany is dragging the rest of Europe down the path of Japan.  (Economist’s View)

If Greece leaves the Euro, what do policy makers do in response?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

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