Thanks for checking in with us this weekend.  Here are the items our readers clicked most frequently on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, July 21st, 2012. The description reads per the relevant linkfest:

  1. Hugh Hendry thinks we are in the midst of a 1930s sort of scenario.  (FT)
  2. The chase for yield illustrated.  (Stock Sage)
  3. David Swensen, “So much of what passes for research on Wall Street today is pablum. “  (WSJ)
  4. How can an investment “con” go on for so long?  (research puzzle pix)
  5. Add big money managers to the doom and gloom crowd.  (Marketblog)
  6. Should you quit trading?  (SMB Training)
  7. In case you didn’t get the memo: housing has bottomed.  (The Reformed Broker)
  8. Why is Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKA) stock killing it?  In short, housing.  (The Reformed Broker)
  9. We are in the midst of a third recession scare.  (Short Side of Long)
  10. The wrong sectors continue to lead the market.  (Dynamic Hedge)

What else you may have missed on the site this week:

  1. Having read it, we can recommend Scott Patteron’s Dark Pools: High-Speed Traders, A.I. Bandits, and the Threat to the Global Financial System.  (Abnormal Returns)

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