If you weren’t already aware Google Reader is shutting down for good at the end of June. A lot of you who access Abnormal Returns via Google Reader have not switched to another service. However time is rapidly running  out.

There is an epic battle among a host of competitors to create the next big default RSS reader. At least according to our traffic logs, feedly seems to be the frontrunner at present.* The Old Reader is a distant second. Then again for most readers a dedicated RSS app may be overkill.

The best advice is to try a couple of the new RSS readers for a test spin before deciding. Another way to access Abnormal Returns on a daily basis is to receive our e-mail. Sign-up is easy. Just remember to open the confirmation e-mail to confirm your address. We don’t anyone to miss out on our content so make sure you have something in place when July 1st rolls around. Then again you always just come to the home page every day to catch up on the goings on in the financial blogosphere.

*See this criticism of feedly (via @om).