Quote of the day

Peter Sleep, “ETFs are not simple but I think they are as reasonably safe, or at least as safe, as the underlying assets. ETFs are like a glass bottles; they can contain water or they can contain nitroglycerine.”  (FT)

Chart of the day


Why are Apple ($AAPL) and gold ($GLD) trading together?  (Charts etc.)


Syria is not the number one threat to the markets.  (The Reformed Broker)

On the prospect for a European earnings uptick.  (MoneyBeat)

Where sector ETFs stand. (Global Macro Monitor)


Who do boring, diversified firms outperform?  (Falkenblog)

20 insights from Peter Lynch.  (ST50)


The next shoe(s) to drop at Microsoft ($MSFT).  (AllThingsD)

Why Nintendo needs to make native iOS games.  (Daring Fireball)


David Snowball’s September commentary highlights the opportunity in emerging markets.  (Mutual Fund Observer)

ETF fees are creeping higher.  (Rick Ferri)


Here’s the state of the global economy.  (Business Insider)

Europe (including Central) does not look horrible.  (FT Alphaville, beyondbrics, Quartz)

India does not have a ton of time to turn things around.  (Gavyn Davies)

Japanese investment is on the upswing.  (Real Time Economics, FT)

Don’t expect an Aussie dollar bounce to last.  (MoneyBeat)


A look at labor markets on Labor Day.  (Capital Spectator, Wonkblog, Quartz)

Winners and losers in the “new machine age.”  (Tyler Cowen)

Despite improvements the US is still paying big bucks for oil.  (Econbrowser)

Why the theory of comparative advantage is overrated.  (Marginal Revolution)

Will big data bring more price discrimination?   (Modeled Behavior)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

Why isn’t there an ESPN for markets?  (Howard Lindzon)

Skype is ten years old.  (GigaOM)

Tea is in a wicked bear market.  (FT)

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