On the bookshelf: The Safe Investor: How to Make your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy by Timothy F. McCarthy.

Chart of the day


No matter how you slice it Netflix ($NFLX) is killing it.  (Bloomberg, MoneyBeat, )


Some boom and busts look alike.  (Market Anthropology)

GMO is still looking for a poor decade for equities.  (Sober Look)

Emerging markets are “cheap enough.”  (Michael Santoli)


Why shorting stocks is so hard.  (Dasan via @marketfolly)

Biotech stocks are frothy.  (IndexUniverse)

The best traders have developed a routine that works for them.  (SMB Training)


Herbalife ($HLF) is still not out of the regulatory woods just yet.  (Businessweek, FT Alphaville)

What next for Dow Chemical ($DOW)?   (FT Alphaville)

Why CEOs like to go to Davos on the company dime.  (Felix Salmon)


Carl Icahn wants to break up eBay ($EBAY).  (Dealbook, MoneyBeat)

Google ($GOOG) is hitting Amazon ($AMZN) where it hurts.  (Business Insider)

Amazon is coming under scrutiny for its role as a middleman.  (WSJ)

Apple ($AAPL) is working on two bigger screen iPhones.  (WSJ)

This basket of big tech stocks is in for trouble.  (Re/code)


On the bull market in BDCs.  (NetNet)

The new who’s who at Pimco.  (FT)


Is there a Morningstar Cover curse?  (Morningstar)

DoubleLine is getting into the unconstrained bond game.  (Focus on Funds)

Finding 100-year old companies is harder than it looks.  (IndexUniverse)


Economic mobility in the US is stuck in neutral.  (WashingtonPost, NYTimes)

More people are quitting their jobs and why that is a good thing.  (Planet Money)

Colorado’s marijuana boom is having knock-on effects for its economy.  (Slate)

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Mixed media

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Now you can outsource the business of planning your dates.  (Buzzfeed Business)

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