Quote of the day

David Merkel, “Setting position sizes on shorts is always harder than longs.”  (Aleph Blog)

Chart of the day

AAPL Chart

AAPL data by YCharts

Howard Lindzon, “The stock market is clearly voting with Larry’s vision and daring spending at $GOOG over Tim Cook’s Cash flow at $AAPL”  (StockTwits)


Assessing the damage to the stock market.  (Dragonfly Capital)

How oversold are things?  (Bespoke, Charts etc.)


Is the small cap premium real?  (Crossing Wall Street)

How much attention should you pay to forward guidance?  (Leigh Drogen)

What it takes for success in cloning hedge fund stock picks.  (Morningstar)

Should ever NOT invest in your 401(k) plan?  (John Wasik)

Tactical asset allocation IS market timing.  (Bucks Blog)


Apple’s ($AAPL) disappointing quarter in charts.  (Business Insider, TechCrunch)

Is Apple once again lowballing estimates?  (Herb Greenberg)

The age of the iPod is rapidly coming to a close.  (The Verge)

Benedict Evans, “Nothing is settled on mobile.”  (Benedict Evans)

Why nothing Apple does is never good enough.  (Wired)


Why Dow Chemical ($DOW) is no bargain.  (Capital Observer)

The risks to Facebook ($FB): irrelevance.  (Bronte Capital)

No industry is safe from disruption.  (TechCrunch)


Has time passed up Regulation NMS?  (WSJ)

Have BDCs become TOO popular?  (Institutional investor)

How should we benchmark hedge funds?  (Long Short)


The hidden risks of bank loan funds.  (Inside Investing)

Pimco is going to keep pushing out actively managed ETFs.  (Bloomerg)


Five takeaways from the emerging market rout of 2014.  (WSJ)

The many reasons why investors are not stepping up to the emerging markets plate.  (Michael Santoli)

Emerging markets are going to have to contemplate raising rates.  (MoneyBeat, FT)

There is a backlog of IPOs set to go in London.  (FT)


The Case-Shiller numbers from November shows the recovery is intact.  (Calculated Risk, Real Time Economics)

But higher interest rates are going to bite here soon.  (Bonddad Blog)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

When should you publish your blog post?  (InvestmentNews)

There is a bull market in online journalism.  (WSJ)

Can human curation power a viable business: the case of Inside?  (GigaOM, TechCrunch)

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