Quote of the day

Chuck Jaffe, “Too many investors plan only for what they see as the likely outcome, and their expectation is based entirely on what has happened recently.”  (Marketwatch)

Chart of the day

JJC Chart

JJC data by YCharts

What’s ailing Dr. Copper?  (WSJ)


How today’s market differs markedly from 2007.  (The Reformed Broker)

Are gold miners overbought, oversold or both?  (The Short Side of Long)


Do great traders really want to manage outside money?  (StockCharts Blog)

Four lessons learned from George Soros.  (Ivanhoff Capital)

Should we fear asset allocations on auto-pilot?  (The Felder Report)


Twitter’s ($TWTR) ad rates continue to plunge.  (Quartz)

Twitter is measuring influence all wrong.  (TechCrunch)


The IPO machine is all revved up.  (WSJ)

On closer look at the SEC “insider trading” story.  (Dealbook)


Bitcoin got this far without a guiding hand. Now what?  (Daniel Gross)

Fisking the story behind the unmasking of the founder of Bitcoin.  (Felix Salmon)


The cattiness at Pimco continues apace.  (Reuters, FT Alphaville)

Have we reached currency hedged ETF overload?  (ETF)

A look at the paper that inspired John Bogle to launch an index mutual fund.  (Marketwatch)

Vanguard files to (eventually) get into the active ETF game.  (Focus on Funds)


The February jobs report, despite the weather, was surprisingly strong.  (Calculated Risk, Quartz, WSJ, Business Insider, Economist’s View)

Is the Fed really going to try to overshoot?  (Tim Duy, FT Alphaville)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you may have missed in our Thursday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Pros critique themselves in much more concrete ways than do amateurs.  (Priceonomics Blog)

MLB Opening Day is coming and groundskeepers are nervous.  (Chicago Tribune)

What it has been like to be the voice of Siri.  (CNN)

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