This is an abbreviated version of our regular Sunday linkfest. Thanks for checking in.

Why the stock market has been “meh” YTD.  (The Reformed Broker)

Why aret Treasury yields falling?  (MoneyBeat)

Mean reversion happens.  (Pension Partners)

What a real IPO bubble looks like.  (Joe Weisenthal contra NYTimes)

Why do corporate profit margins have to mean-revert down to levels seen last century?  (Philosophical Economics)

There is no rule you have to pay employees the very least possible.  (Henry Blodget)

Michael Lewis’ appearance on 60 Minutes talking about the “rigged” stock market.  (CBS News, Dealbook, TRB)

What Wall Street has to fear from technology.  (DailyFinance)

Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys and the future of high frequency trading.  (Abnormal Returns)

What you may have missed in our Saturday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Top clicks this week on the site.  (Abnormal Returns)

Who cares if we are in a tech bubble? We are getting cool services on the cheap.  (Farhad Manjoo)

How has Roku succeeded against bigger competition?  (TechCrunch)

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