This is an abbreviated version of our regular Monday linkfest. Thanks for checking in.

2014 is turning out to be a “buy anything but America” kind of year.  (The Reformed Broker)

There has been a “massive unwind” in momentum stocks in Q1.  (Pension Partners)

Big biotech and big pharma P/Es have converged.  (Focus on Funds)

Want to have more money in retirement? Save more, worry less about returns.  (Bucks Blog)

To fix the problem of HFT first regulators have ot understand the problem.  (Matt Levine)

How Twitter broke GSV Capital ($GSVC).  (TheStreet)

Four mutual funds for the fearful.  (Morningstar)

Expense ratios are important for ETFs but not everything.  (ETF)

What you may have missed in our Sunday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

You don’t work as hard as you think (and say) you do.  (FT)

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