Quote of the day

Matt Levine, “The entire edifice of modern financial capitalism is built on 100-page documents drafted by exhausted 26-year-olds and read by nobody.”  (Bloomberg)

Chart of the day


Investors hate uranium at present.  (ETF)


Why is the drop in interest rates so surprising?  (TheArmoTrader)

Yields on CCC-rated bonds are at record lows.  (WSJ)


Investors should be macro climatologists not meteorologists.  (Vitaily Katsenelson)

Ten high conviction picks from the “ultimate stock pickers.”  (Morningstar)

Behold the bounce back in risk parity returns.  (Macro Man)

Buying cheap (low P/E) stocks in Australia and New Zealand works.  (Alpha Architect)


Why Microsoft ($MSFT) is sticking with the Surface tablet.  (Business Insider, Engadget)

What should Twitter ($TWTR) do next ?  (TechCrunch, Quartz, Eric Jackson)

GoPro is going public.  (Dealbook, Pando Daily, Quartz)

Why consumers should hate the AT&T ($T)-DirecTV ($DTV) deal.  (VentureBeat)


Goldman Sachs ($GS) is going their own way.  (Quartz)

Why do investors still have 10 days to report sizable stakes in companies.  (Dealbook)

Investors are demanding more transparency from hedge funds and private equity.  (All About Alpha)

Investors need non-financial information to better analyze companies.  (FT)

How P2P lending is making inroads onto bank’s turf.  (FT)


Not all small value funds are created alike.  (ETF)

Why value managers have had a tough time outperforming their benchmarks.  (Greenbackd)

Investors are getting nervous about bank loan funds.  (WSJ, Focus on Funds)


Higher mortgage rates did bring down the housing market.  (Real Time Economics)

Row crops vs. permanent crops: which is a better investment?  (Institutional Investor)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

Solar power could be the dominant source of energy by 2050.  (IEA)

The solar energy boom is happening without the big boys.  (GigaOM)

Now solar panels are being offered as a feature on new homes.  (Daniel Gross)

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