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Quote of the day

Michael Batnick, “I know that buying low and selling high is how to make money…I also know that virtually nobody buys low or sells high.”  (Irrelevant Investor)

Chart of the day

RSX_0614 RSX_0614

The Russian stock market is on a two-month tear.  (Bloomberg)


The stock market can rally on rising volatility.  (Price Action Lab)

Are REITs overheating?  (WSJ)

Portfolio managers are getting increasingly long equities.  (Fat Pitch)


How investors should meld narrative and numbers.  (Musings on Markets)

Free portfolios are great but investors need advice.  (ETF)


Cable wins again. Aereo gets smacked down the Supreme Court.  (The Verge, Quartz, WSJ)

Does Harley-Davidson ($HOG) have a demographic problem?  (Quartz)


Hedge funds are now a $3 trillion industry.  (Focus on Funds)

Crowdfunding is invading the bond market.  (FT)


The ETF price war in Europe is heating up.  (FT)

Why Mexico is becoming the new China.  (ETF)


Q1 GDP was worse than thought.  (Bloomberg)

America’s service sector is surging.  (Business Insider)

On the lifelong consequences of student debt.  (New Republic)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

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Mixed media

In defense of being average.  (Fast Company)

On the death of the voice mail.  (NYTimes)

In defense of “tweet storms.”  (Business Insider)

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