Quote of the day

Thomas C. Redman, “Good algorithms make better predictions than people most of the time – except when they don’t.”  (HBR)


Why has option selling been such a successful strategy the past 25 years?  (Adam Warner)

Comparing the quality ETFs.  (ETF)

Why traders go on tilt?  (TraderFeed)


Banks should benefit from higher rates.  (Scott Krisiloff)

Beware companies piling on debt.  (James O’Shaughnessy)

The pros and cons of the Alibaba ($BABA) IPO.  (Aaron Task, WSJ)

What will Calpers do with private equity?  (Fortune)

Why Bitcoin could win big in Las Vegas.  (Fast Company via @mediaredef)

Apple Watch

Do the price differences for the various Apple Watches matter?  (Daring Fireball)

What I got wrong about the Apple Watch.  (stratechery)


Weekly initial unemployment claims dipped last week.  (Calculated Risk)

Still no signs of inflation.  (Pragmatic Capitalism, Dr. Ed’s Blog)

Homebuilder sentiment is strong but housing starts not so much.  (Real Time Economics)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you might have missed in our Wednesday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)


Amazon’s Kindle Voyage is the “Rolls Royce of e-readers.”  (Engadget)

Why “deep reading” is so difficult these days.  (New Yorker)

Mixed media

Five years in a review of Shark Tank.  (Grantland also John Greathouse)

It just got a lot easier to share your media amongst family and friends.  (Recode)

Ten commandments for dealing with Finance Twitter.  (Stone Street Advisors)

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