Every week brings a slew of new podcasts and videos. We are planning to make this a regular feature. You can also check out last week’s links. Tell us if there is anything we missed. Enjoy!

Barry Ritholtz talks with Laszlo Birinyi.  (Big Picture)

How to win the loser’s game (part 4).  (Sensible Investing)

Howard Lindzon and Michael Parekh talk about the startup bubble and investor’s desire for permanent capital.  (Soundcloud)

Tim Ferriss talks with Brendan Moynihan co-author of What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars.  (Tim Ferriss Show)

How not to pitch a billionaire. From the new podcast series from Alex Blumberg of Planet Money fame.  (StartUp Podcast)

James Altucher talks with Peter Thiel about his new book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future.  (The James Altucher Show)

A discussion about the future of media with three editors of old school media properties.  (a16z podcast)

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks with Charlie Rose.  (Charlie Rose Show)

A great live performance by Broken Bells on KEXP.  (YouTube)

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