This is an especially abbreviated edition of the daily linkfest. Check out more links from Barry Ritholtz, FT Alphavilleand Matt Levine.

Edward Luce, “The average tenure of the US CEO is falling. Buying back shares instead of investing makes sense if you do not expect to be around for the pay-off. It is a no-brainer if you measure the time horizons of most executive reward packages.”  (FT)

The stock market is overvalued and overowned.  (Humble Student)

What would a replay of 1987 look like?  (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Don’t kid yourself, financial markets are driven by supply and demand.  (Philosophical Economics)

Why Apple ($AAPL) didn’t use sapphire screens.  (Time)

Would you give your money to a hedge fund scion?  (WSJ)

Infrastructure projects are highly assumption-dependent.  (FT)

Why Blackstone Group ($BX) won so big with its Hilton ($HLT) investment.   (Felix Salmon)

On the death of the credit card.  (Daniel Nadler)

Is this the worst ETP in the world?  (ETF)

A look at Australia’s housing bubble.  (Bloomberg View)

The worst of the Euro slowdown is over.  (Sober Look)

The Fed is moving slowly toward policy normalization.  (Tim Duy)

What you might have missed in our Sunday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

An explanation of the Peter Principle?  (FT)

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