Every week brings a slew of new podcasts and videos. We are planning to make this a regular feature. You can also check out last week’s links. Tell us if there is anything we missed. Enjoy!

Cliff Asness and Jack Bogle talk active management with Tom Keene.  (Bloomberg)

Barry Ritholtz talks with investment strategist Jeff Saut.  (BigPicture)

What Guy Spier author of Education of a Value Investor learned from Warren Buffett.  (Reuters)

Mebane Faber talks shareholder yield.  (Morningstar)

Wes Gray talks quant value.  (Morningstar)

The future of (free) mobile brokerage: Howard Lindzon talks with Baiju Bhatt co-founder of Robinhood.  (Howard Lindzon)

Russ Roberts talks with Thomas Piketty author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  (EconTalk)

Marc Maron talks with Anna Kendrick.  (WTF)

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