Quote of the day

@Jesse_Livermore, “What category of investor, then, is consistently outperforming the market, against the consistent underperformance of hedge funds, individual investors, and other losers?  You will be hard pressed to find an answer.”  (Philosophical Economics)

Chart of the day


High yield bonds and the stock market are diverging.  (See It Market)


Market data always comes with caveats.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Should investors be worried by the back up in high yield credit spreads?  (Charlie Bilello)

Why the slope of the yield curve matters for the stock market.  (Crossing Wall Street)


Jumping from strategy to strategy is a sure loser.  (Irrelevant Investor)

Bear market “cures” are often worse than the disease itself.  (Servo Wealth)

What does it mean for a market to be “overbought“?  (Adam Grimes)


Goldman Sachs ($GS) rules the M&A roost this year.  (WSJ)

The SEC has dragged its feet on crowdfunding rules.  (Dealbook)


Why have Treasury-derived inflation expectations dropped 40 bp this Fall?  (Capital Spectator)

Should your core bond portfolio be global?  (Alliance Bernstein)

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Mixed media

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