Today we are closing out the active part of the Abnormal Returns 10:10 Campaign for charity: water. We are both surprised and gratified by the support shown by our readers. We ended up donating $740 from t-shirt sales.* However Abnormal Returns readers really stepped up and donated $1,475 directly to charity: water.** This includes a very generous $500 donation from an Anonymous donor.


Total donations of $2,215 frankly surprised us. We had expected that the vast majority of donations would come from t-shirt sales. We ended up more than doubling our initial goal of $1,000. These donations will get 74 people clean water. This is possible because charity: water has a great model where 100% of your donations go to communities in need of clean water. The charity’s administrative costs are covered by other donors.

We would like to thank everyone who helped spread the word about our campaign on social media and the web. We would especially like to thanks Carl Richards at Behavior Gap for writing about our campaign and recording a podcast about it as well. Thanks again everyone.

*74 t-shirts were sold with $10 donated per sale.

**Please note you can still donate to the Abnormal Returns 10:10 Campaign. If our campaign is closed please feel free to donate directly to charity: water.