During this holiday-shortened week rather than bringing you fresh links I wanted to highlight what I call “criminally overlooked blog posts.” Every blogger will tell you that the correlation between what they think is a good blog post and what  gains traction is close to zero. That is why I want to revisit some posts that are worth a second (or first) look. I asked a panel of esteemed bloggers to send me links to blog posts, their own or others, that got overlooked over time. Today’s posts don’t necessarily have a theme but are still worth a second look.

“Uber has fixed most of the last mile of travel. For everything else, the iPhone, mobile apps/software and the social web have exploded the leverage in my business, investing, profit and joy.” by Howard Lindzon from Global Social Leverage.

“If you are looking for a job, you might want to make it easy on firms to take a chance on you. Offer to structure your pay and benefits with performance based incentives. You produce, everyone wins.” by Jeff Carter from The Risky Hire.

“Think back to your first duty station.  Your first paycheck out in the operating forces, after boot camp and MOS training were over.  What did you do with that check?  Did you put half of it in a low-cost S&P 500 Index fund, a small portion in U.S. Treasury bills, another 20 percent into a savings account, and the rest toward a 401(k) contribution?” by Mark Cowett from Barracks Cash: A Military Guide to Better Saving and Spending.

“In other words, people won the genetic lottery and they didn’t even know it. Would Bill Gates be where he would be today if he had been born in 1955 (as per Howard Marks) but he was a poor kid in the slums?” by Cam Hui from Inequality and the genetic lottery: Two views.

“We all take our beatings from time to time. Sometimes it comes at the hand of Lady Luck other times it is by our own hand. Rather than curse your fate the only positive step is to keep plugging away and hope the next time around luck is on our side.” by Tadas Viskanta from Hard work, good luck and life’s potholes.

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