Amazon’s second annual Prime Day sale is here. It promises all manner of deal for Prime members. You can sign-up for Amazon Prime here.* Prime Day is a demonstration of just how powerful Amazon has become. Davey Alba at Wired writes:

Amazon is already winning the race to the post-screen, post-app future thanks to its surprise success with voice-activated devices like the Echo and the personal digital assistant, Alexa, that powers them. Prime Day deals give Amazon another way to lure consumers away from screens and onto its own devices.

Apparently things are going well at Amazon ($AMZN), which just passed Berkshire Hathaway ($BRKA) in market cap, so much so that people are having problems checking out.


There is a lot going on on Prime Day. However the emphasis is on Amazon devices like the Amazon Echo speaker, Fire TV stick and all manner of Fire tablets including the $33 7″ Fire. For more hand-selected deals check out the links below:

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