Paolo Sironi’s FinTech Innovation: From Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification is “a compelling glimpse into this promising future.” (Reading the Markets)

Quote of the day

Travis Kalanick, “I say we are going to IPO as late as humanly possible. It’ll be one day before my employees and significant others come to my office with pitchforks and torches. We will IPO the day before that. Do you get it?” (WSJ)


Srivinas Rao, “Funding from a venture capitalist doesn’t make you a founder. Starting a company does.” (Medium)

Ya gotta ‘enjoy the struggle.’ (A VC)

Why the unicorns are going to have to IPO. (FT)

Young companies need ‘care and feeding.’ (A VC)

A guide to vesting among shareholders. (HPA)

The smartphone boom is over. What comes next? (WSJ)

It’s now even easier for startup employees to sell their pre-IPO shares. (Medium)

Second cities

Steve Case on the rise of ‘second cities.’ (WSJ)

Why the Midwest builds efficient startups. (Medium)


Venture capital raised is a vanity metric. (HackerNoon)

The rise in micro-VCs is still a thing. (Medium)

Being a VC is a lot less glamorous than it appears. (

Harry Stebbings talks with Howard Lindzon about his journey to angel investing. (20 Minute VC)