Typically around an Abnormal Returns’ blogiversary I do a big book giveway. This year I didn’t really have enough books to do a proper giveaway. However I do have some Abnormal Returns t-shirts!

As you may know the site was significantly compromised the past couple of weeks, so much so that I couldn’t post anything new or edit old posts. Those problems are now in the past and the site is on a new host and is running faster than it has ever before.

To celebrate I want to give away six extra t-shirts from the Abnormal Returns 10:10 campaign that ended up raising $2235 for charity:water. So here’s the deal. Send me an e-mail with “I want an Abnormal Returns t-shirt!” in the subject line. If I (randomly) pick your e-mail all you need to do is pledge charity:water a $10 (or more) donation and I will send you a t-shirt.

Like I said I only have six t-shirts left (3 XL, 2 L, and 1M). I will take entries until 1PM Friday, October 28th. Thanks and good luck!