On philanthropy: my approach is to try to relieve pain rather than spread joy. – Byron Wein in Barron’s

With Memorial Day in the rear view mirror Summer is officially here. For many Summer is associated with all manner of water-related activities: swimming, surfing, boating etc. We in the United States take clean water, specifically drinking water, for granted. In excess of 600 million people in the rest of the world are not so lucky.

One organization looking to help fix the problem is charity: water. You can learn more about the problem in this podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk and Scott Harrison CEO of charity: water. Hopefully you will recognize that this is a real issue worthy of support.

Today we are launching our second annual Abnormal Returns merchandise sale on Teespring. In addition to t-shirts we have added two new items this year: coffee mugs and stickers. So even if you bought something last year there is some new items worth checking out. This year we are directly donating 100% of merchandise sales to charity:water.

Every dollar in profit from merch sales will go directly to charity:water. If your closet is already full up with t-shirts please feel free to donate directly to our campaign at charity: water. The campaign will run for 10 days. Our goal is to provide at least $1,000 (t-shirt sales and donations) to communities around the world in need of clean drinking water.

Below is a video “Why Water” that explains the charity: water mission.

Why Water from charity: water on Vimeo.

Thanks for participating in any way, shape or form. Ten days isn’t a long time but it is enough time to make a small dent in this problem. Stay tuned to this space for updates on our progress.


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Make a donation directly to charity: water.

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