Today marks the twelfth anniversary of this blog. Over that time we have published in excess of 7,100 posts. (Roughly 1.6 posts a day, every day.) A lot of weird stuff happened over the past year: like Trump and Bitcoin.

Not sure what else there is to say but thank you. Thank for reading, for your kind words and for your continued support.

This year we launched a membership program. We have gratified by the many of you who have decided to sign-up. There is always room on the Abnormal Returns bandwagon.

Many of your already follow us on Twitter and StockTwits. In addition to reading our daily e-mail newsletter you can find links to many of our posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo Finance and Medium. You now have no excuse to miss out on our daily musings.

As I have the last few blogiversaries take a few moments to to kick back and listen to this from Cracker. “Feel thankful for the small things today” and substitute “blogiversary” for “birthday”: