As many of you know I have been doing this (blogging) for a long time now. When I first started blogging one of the first writers I was blown away by was Dr. Brett Steenbarger (@steenbab) who continues to blog at TraderFeed.* In addition to being a cogent writer he is always generous with his time and attention. That is why I was excited to talk to Dr. Brett about a recent post of his entitled:“Why Diversification Works in Life and Markets.”

Dr. Brett’s focus, and much of his work, has been with professional traders. That does not mean there isn’t a lot to learn from his posts for non-traders. The post we discussed has broad applicability, not just for traders and investors, but for anyone who is trying to lead a richer, more balanced life. I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as I did.

This is another episode in our series of “mini-pods” on The Compound Show.

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*Dr. Brett has also written a number of books you can check out as well.