“Because of the complexity of these compensation structures, I find that most people love the idea of having equity but do not understand it. With companies paying up to 50% of their employees total compensation package in equity, it’s important to understand what exactly is at stake when you decide to accept that job offer for “the next big thing.” – Dasarte Yarnway

Dasarte Yarnway (@dasarteyarnway) is the founder of Berknell Financial group, a fee-only financial planning firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. Dasarte is also the host of The Young Money Podcast. Tadas got Dasarte on the phone to talk about his new book Pay Me in Equity.* In some industries, equity compensation is an important part of your pay package, so understanding the details is crucial. Beyond the financial aspects, ownership is an important concept that applies in different areas of our lives.

Where to find Dasarte’s work:

Pay Me in Equity: A Millennial Guide to Understanding Equity Compensation

The Young Money Podcast

Young Money: 4 Proven Actions to Design Your Wealth While You Still Can


Dasarte is going to be on a panel at the upcoming Wealth/Stack conference along with other “young influencers” Justin Castelli, Douglas Boneparth, Nina O’Neal and Tyrone Ross Jr. This panel is going to kick off Wealth/Stack with a bang, so make sure you are in your seats!

*Dasarte was nice enough to send me an e-copy of the book prior to our talk.

This is another episode in our series of “mini-pods” on The Compound Show.

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