Much earlier in my career I was fortunate enough to work with my then boss Claude Erb and Professor Campbell Harvey who was then, and still is, at Duke University, on a number of research papers. You can find a list of those papers at Cam’s site.

Who knew that a number of years later, Cam would appear on The Compound with my colleagues Josh Brown and Michael Batnick to talk about his research around the use of the inverted yield curve as an economic indicator?

Source: The Compound

The video is well worth your while. Cam has more to say on the topic, including this post on whether this go around with the yield curve is a ‘head fake.’

Coincidence noted. Now on with your day.

PS Fun fact. I chose to use the term ‘Abnormal Returns’ for the name of this blog, way back when, by skimming through Cam’s Hypertextual Financial Glossary.