Source: @michaelbatnick

First off, the chart above is…money. You can tell it took a lot of work. For no other reason, head over to the Irrelevant Investor to check it out in all its glory.

My colleague Michael Batnick in his post Unififed American Discourse talked about how Financial Twitter (or FinTwit) became what it is today. Hint, the Great Financial Crisis played a big role. Michael concludes that:

“For all its flaws, Twitter is still a great place to ask questions and find answers.”

Which I would agree with. The bigger issue is how to keep it that way. For whatever reason, the members of this loosely-based community have been pretty good about keeping the playground (metaphorically) free of broken bottles and used needles. That need not necessarily always be the case.

Try to keep your work area clean and organized. Remember, entropy rules our universe. Enjoy FinTwit while you can!