Today this blog turned fourteen years old. (If you are looking for my insights on blogging you can revisit last year’s blogiversary post.) This year I want to highlight a couple of recent posts. Justin Paterno, the COO of StockTwits, wrote a couple of months ago that was nostalgic for the early days of financial blogging, think pre-Twitter. He wrote:

Mostly, I’m awed with the realization that 90% of the game back then was showing up. In a world now dominated by hyperactive tweeters and instant takers dunking on one another as they race to flood the zone as quickly as possible, it’s hard to fathom that the scarcity back then was the will to put yourself out there and simply engage. I wonder if the pendulum may begin to swing back towards slower content, as perhaps the scarcity now is resist the urge to instantly engage, and the time to do so thoughtfully.

It may be wishful thinking on the part of Justin for a more measured pace for content. That being said, there is always room in the financial blogosphere for thoughtful, deliberate voices. Michael Batnick writing at the Irrelevant Investor notes how the Twitter genie is out of the bottle and there is no going back. He writes:

There is no going back. This is now the world we live in, and you have two choices, complain, or adapt. Full disclosure, I complain. We can’t control how noisy the universe is, but we can decide how to listen. The best way to lower the volume on your feed is to get rid of the accounts that are bothering you.

Whether you are on Twitter or visiting the investment blogosphere, you are in charge of your experience. Here’s hoping this blog does some small part in helping you navigate things along the way.

Thank you for another year of your continued readership and support. As I have the last few blogiversaries take a moment to listen to this from Cracker. “Feel thankful for the small things today” and substitute “blogiversary” for “birthday.”