I have been doing standalone linkfests dedicated to podcasts for some time. (You can see the first edition here.) Since then, the podcast landscape has expanded tremendously. Frankly it’s hard to keep. So much so, that putting together these weekly linkfests feels both stale and overwhelming.

Over time, Abnormal Returns has changed. A few months I started doing a weekly linkfest dedicated to coronavirus developments. And I stopped doing the startup linkfests. So the question now is what to do with the podcast linkfest. Here are some options I’ve thought about. They include:

  1. Keep on, keeping on, status quo.
  2. Focus just on finance and investment podcasts.
  3. Get more thematic. For example, focus on author interviews.
  4. Just stop doing them altogether.
  5. ???

I put up a Twitter poll. I am sure there other options I haven’t thought about. The phone e-mail lines are open. Tell me what you think.