Yesterday this blog turned fifteen years old…and I forgot all about it. I guess it’s been that kind of year.

I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, like I did last year.

I wish I could another book giveaway, like last year. But I don’t think that works in pandemic.

One pleasant discovery for me in 2020 has been reading Arthur C. Brooks’ bi-weekly columns in The Atlantic. (He has a podcast as well.) So let me leave with some of Brooks’ words:

(T)he healthiest way to look at the pandemic—or any difficult period in our lives—is as an opportunity for improvement and personal growth, without pushing away the negative emotions that are a natural by-product of hard times. As we confront pessimism in the context of COVID-19, we will start to see and manage it more generally in our lives. If we are lucky, this is the most pessimistic and powerless period we will ever face.

So thank you all for another year of your continued readership and support. As I have the last few blogiversaries take a moment to listen to this from Cracker. “Feel thankful for the small things today” and substitute “blogiversary” for “birthday.”