This blog turned sixteen years old last week…and I forgot all about it. This is becoming a bit of a habit.

I have a bunch of tabs open that don’t have anything to do with investing or finance but I think are worth a read. So in lieu of any words of wisdom from me, check out the following:

  • Om’s thoughts on his 55th birthday.  (Om Malik)
  • Attention is a form of love.  (kottke)
  • Problems in life are a feature, not a bug. (Seth Godin)
  • Show your faith in humanity through your deeds.  (Brett & Kate McKay)
  • Time is your most important asset.  (TUFM)
  • Mother Nature is immutable.  (Bob Lefsetz)

I hope you found something of value in there, somewhere.

So thank you all for another year of your continued readership and support. As I have the last few blogiversaries take a moment to listen to this from Cracker. “Feel thankful for the small things today” and substitute “blogiversary” for “birthday.”