I don’t typically write standalone posts about other bloggers. However when one of your favorite bloggers celebrates a ten-year blogiversary it is worth noting. If you have read this blog for any period of time you are already familiar with his work. It just so happens to be the case that he is one of my colleagues as well.

Ben Carlson has been writing A Wealth of Common Sense now for ten years. The earliest link I can find to Ben’s blog is from August 30, 2014. So for the better part of those ten years, including posts about his three books: A Wealth of Common Sense, Organizational Alpha: How to Add Value in Institutional Asset Management, and Don’t Fall For It: A Short History of Financial Scams.

What’s unique about Ben’s blog is that he is equally adept at writing about the financial markets as he writing about personal finance. In his blogiversary post he wrote:

For most people where they live, the type of house they own and the car(s) they drive have a much bigger impact on their lives and finances that anything having to do with portfolios. You can dive into Ben’s blog anywhere and find practical insights, and no pun intended, common sense. It goes without say that ten years of productive blogging is a rare accomplishment and very much worthy of note.