Now that the Fed meeting is behind us we can finally get back to our regular programming. Well, almost. First a selection of items analyzing the fallout from the Fed’s decision.

macroblog has a nice summary of blog-based opinion on the Fed.

James Hamilton at Econbrowser thinks the Fed has got it about right.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture thinks the Fed may be pausing prematurely.

John M. Berry at is already looking ahead to the September Fed meeting.

Chinn at Econbrowser looks at the question of whether we are already in a recession and we don’t even know it?

John Carney at on the long awaited release of a recommendation from

Ticker Sense has their neat group relative performance graphic up.

Aaron Pressman at has a post on two of our favorite topics: ETF proliferation and quantitative investing.

Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist on the importance of reducing variability in your investment process.

DealBook notes a piece on hedge funds funding films and film libraries.

DealBook on the continuing debate over the private equity boom. Going Private weighs in as well.

While everyone, including us, has been focusing on Google and News Corp., Matthew Wurtzel at The Deal notes an investment related Internet deal that has flown under the radar.

John D. McKinnon and Laura Meckler at the Wall Street Journal on the continuing fallout from the administration’s push towards alternative fuels.

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