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Paul Kedrosky applies a little statistical reasoning to contradict the notion that Bill Miller’s track record is simply that of a “lucky monkey.” Then again, most monkeys we know do not own 190 ft. yachts. John Carney at weighs in as well.

Saskia Scholtes at the on the shift away from equity-related strategies at hedge funds.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage thinks we have only begun to see hedge funds move into traditional investment management.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the pause in the upward trend for 12-month core PPI.

Doug Kass at thinks “..the economy faces a long, lumpy road ahead…”

Randall W. Forsyth at on growing “consumer angst.”

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the use and abuse of inflation data, to say nothing about the prospect for stagflation.

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight thinks investors should be aware of “pseudo relationships” that involve limited economic data.

Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street looks at the impact of the yield curve on the stock market.

Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist with yet another study that shows value investing actually works.

Eric Savitz at on a survey that shows portfolio managers now hate technology stocks.

Gregg Wolper at highlights three “new and noteworthy global funds.”

Going Private gets props from John Carney at for a post on the topic of leveraged IPOs from the private equity crowd.

As a Cubs fan, we are intrigued by the news that Nelson Pelz has taken a stake in Tribune Co. (TRB). (via

Apparently the numerous options backdating investigations has executives warning of a “witch hunt.” (via

Is there anything more tiresome than airline merger talk? (via

Edward Iwata at USA Today on the ubiquity of “millionaire mania.”

Coffee blogging returns. Nicholas Bakalar at the New York Times examines the evidence for “coffee as a health drink.”

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