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Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on the nature and persistence of momentum.

The breakingviews crew has interesting takes on stock buybacks vs. capital spending and hedge fund transparency. (via Wall Street Journal)

Mark Hulbert in the New York Times on research that explores the reasons behind corporate America’s increasing penchant for holding cash on the balance sheet.

Chad Brand at the Peridot Capitalist updates his opinion on a paired Google-Yahoo trade.

James Grant in the Wall Street Journal on how the Chicago exchanges chose adaptation over decrepitude.

DealBook on the “perfect storm” that is lashing the chief executive’s seat this year.

Allan Sloan in Newsweek fears the alternatives “bubble.”

Claudia H. Deutsch in the New York Times on a novel financing scheme used by firms to install solar energy systems.

Heather Scoffield in the Globe and Mail on how the province of Alberta is looking to the Norway model on how to handle new-found energy riches.

Greg Mankiw re-prints his WSJ op-ed piece on the justifiable logic behind a gas tax increase.

Susan Dominus in the New York Times on the “Starbucks aesthetic.”

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