Thanks for checking in with us for this early morning linkfest.  Good luck out there today.

Microsoft (MSFT) (reportedly) buys Skype.  (AllThingsD, WSJ, GigaOM, TechCrunch also SAI)

Bill Gross, still bearish on US government bonds.  (Reuters, Zero Hedge)

Paulson wins again.  This time in Lehman Brothers bonds.  (WSJ)

Bruce Berkowitz is taking a hit from his big stake to AIG (AIG).  (MarketBeat)

Sprott Asset Management announces a new open-end silver bullion mutual fund.  (Kid Dynamite, MarketBeat)

The tumble in commodity prices has not been kind to Phibro. (Deal Journal)

More talk of an additional IMF bailout of Greece.  (Money Game, WashingtonPost, Smart Money Europe)

Suze Orman is now touting a retirement investing newsletter.  (Covestor)

More on the StockTwits-CNNMoney hook-up. (Wired)

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