Here are seven (or so) links at 7AM Eastern.  We will see you later with the daily linkfest.  Good luck out there.


How to play the two big themes at the moment:  global growth and Europe.  (Money Game)

Yield chasing is pervasive these days.  (The Reformed Broker)

Contango, natural gas and VIX ETPs.  (VIX and More)


The Facebook IPO filing is frankly kid of boring.  (Pando Daily also Bits, Dealbreaker)

What next for Facebook?  The strategic challenges of growing into its valuation.  (WSJ, Dealbook)

Sign of the times

IBM ($IBM) and P&G ($PG) issue record low corporate bond yields.  (FT)

Treasury auctions could soon allow for bids with negative yields.  (WSJ, Economix)

Lending standards have tightened across Europe.  (Sober Look)

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